Massive Leverage Suggests Painful Downside (When it Comes)

By John Del Vecchio and Brad Lamensdorf

Many investors have short-term memories. In late 2018 as speculators came off margin
there was a very painful decline. Speculators got a lump of coal in their stocking for
Christmas that year. This set up a very tradable bounce in early 2019.

Fast forward to 2020, and take a look at just how fast the balances decline once COVID
hit. While COVID by itself was a scary event for the markets and the world at large, the
massive amount of negative balances likely contributed to the pace and severity of the
decline. It was a record for the shortest time from a bull market to a bear market.

That record may be broken next time as negative balances have exploded yet once

Massive Leverage Suggests Painful Downside (When it Comes)
Massive Leverage Suggests Painful Downside (When it Comes)

By itself, the level of margin is not an indicator that market is about to crater. In
fact, short-term we are bullish as the market, particularly in technology stocks
became too oversold.


When the tide turns, this will just make the downside just that much worse. It will likely
happen swiftly as peculators come off margin all at once

There are pockets of speculation everywhere. Look at the watch market. Steel Rolex
watches are through the roof, in just 2021 alone. That’s just one example among many.
Of course, people can borrow against their portfolio to purchase all sorts of baubles.
Items that have no liquidity in a swift move to the downside. Shockingly, the banks don’t
much care what you buy when you borrow against your portfolio.

This too will lead to more pain once the market experiences a downdraft.

In our view, this presents opportunities going forward for individual stock selection and
for tactical risk management.

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