Major Market Excesses as We Head into the Holidays

By John Del Vecchio and Brad Lamensdorf

This week’s Chart of the Week is quite clever. 

It’s not something you will see in the mainstream financial media. It’s a beautiful representation  of extreme optimism or pessimism.

It’s courtesy of

It measures all of SentimenTrader’s indicators and analyzes whether the indicator is too optimistic or too pessimistic. Sentiment indicators. Technical indicators.

It’s the indicator of indicators.

Today it is flashing major warning signs.

Let’s take a look.

Major Market Excesses as We Head into the Holidays
Major Market Excesses as We Head into the Holidays

As the market has marched higher (black line on the top), the level of indicators reaching extreme optimism has exploded higher (red line). Meanwhile, pessimism has dropped like a rock (blue line).

Compare this to the lows in March and April when the situation was reversed. 

Risk is higher here. There’s too much leaning too far in one direction. It won’t take much to swing things the other way.

Buyer beware.

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