A Very Bearish Indicator

By John Del Vecchio and Brad Lamensdorf

The dividend yield on the S&P 500 relative to the 10-Year yield has imploded to levels that often coincide with mediocre stock returns.

That’s bad news for the stock market.

We believe the market is vulnerable for a major move downward until the yield on the S&P starts to become modestly attractive again.

How low could we go?

Below 3,000. That just gets us back to a 2% yield.

Likely below 2,800. Since markets often overshoot in both directions, 2,400-2,500 is not out of the question either. That’s a 2.5% yield.

Dividends have been a key driver of stock performance for decades.

We recommend this short research paper from Hartford Funds discussing the power of dividends.

Link to research here

The following chart from the paper offers a compelling distinction of performance by dividend policy.

Companies that grow and initiative dividends vastly out-perform those with any other policy. Dividend cutters are ground to dust.

With competition for yield from other areas of the market, the S&P 500 will need to correct sharply for the dividend yield to return to intermediate-term averages and become remotely attractive again.

When that happens there will be a wonderful opportunity to scoop up stock in companies with strong dividend policies.

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