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Blake Davenport: [00:00:00] Hi this is Blake Davenport. Welcome to the LMTR podcast. Today is Wednesday May 2nd 2018. We’re here with Brad Lamensdorf and John Del Vecchio founders of LMTR.com, a new investor resource that has the investment world talking. Welcome guys.

Brad Lamensdorf: [00:00:18] Hey! Thanks Blake, glad to be here.

John Del Vecchio: [00:00:21] Thanks Blake.

Blake Davenport: [00:00:23] What is LMTR and why did you decide to start selling LMTR?

Brad Lamensdorf: [00:00:27] You know, there is a lot of really good information that myself and my partner get our hands on and we really don’t have a formal place to display it. Fundamental and technical in nature. And so we’ve redesigned LMTR to accommodate a venue so that everyone can kind of see all the different things that we have access to.

Blake Davenport: [00:00:55] John, Why did you decide to get involved with LMTR?

John Del Vecchio: [00:00:59] Well like Brad said we have access to a lot of information as professional managers that is not available to the general public. And Brad’s expertise is really in the technical analysis part of the market. And I’m more fundamentally driven. And I think that’s a beautiful marriage. We’ve been a partner together for I guess going on 10 years now and a combination of technical analysis and fundamental analysis working together, I think it’s a great way to analyze the markets, talk about what’s going on and share information that we have with the public that typically they would not have access to.

Blake Davenport: [00:01:39] Well I know I was certainly excited to hear about it because usually the, just the general investing public just does not get to see information like this and from what I can tell the market charges quite a bit of money for some of this information that you guys were giving out for free. But what do you guys see. John let’s start with you what do you see as the future of LMTR?

John Del Vecchio: [00:02:07] Well that’s that’s right like you said a lot of this information costs quite a pretty penny. And we view this as primarily a free resource to tap into that information that we have access to and to learn from our insights and our analysis. Brad and I talk everyday about the markets in the morning and throughout the day. So as we have information available we’re more than happy to share that with the investing public. And it’s really clear we have charts, new charts that are discussed every week. Fundamental ranks in forensic accounting screens that are run every quarter. Brad has a focus on market sentiment and technicals that we discuss on a regular basis. We talk about trending topics in other things there’s even a free book available on LMTR so the future is bright and it’s just getting more people to realize that the information is out there and at their fingertips.

Blake Davenport: [00:03:01] Brad I’d ask the same question to you. Where do you see the future of LMTR?

Brad Lamensdorf: [00:03:07] There’s no question. John did a great job of explaining you know exactly what the offering is and what we want. We also feel like we look at the market a little differently than, say the average bear. We traditionally steer away from you know big Wall Street. We do our own professional work. So we’re very independently generating some of these ideas and concepts. So you know we don’t have a lot of conflict of interest or anything else which also makes



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