Stock Buybacks Hit Record

By John Del Vecchio and Brad Lamensdorf

As the pandemic wanes and daily life quickly gets back to normal, corporations have been busy buying back their own stock.

Just like the good old times.

Not just normal buybacks. Record buybacks.

This should be expected. Last year, buybacks and dividends were often suspended and now the runway is clear to resume stock buying.

As the chart below shows, corporations are wasting no time in taking stock out of circulation.

Stock Buybacks Hit Record

The figure is almost a $500 billion through April, 2021.

Daily activity is about three times what would normally be considered aggressive buying. This is bullish for stocks in the short-term but does come with a caveat.

Many companies will buy back stock and then assume debt, thus recapitalizing their business. Debt is cheap. Debt may be much cheaper than paying dividends. Finally, all else being normal, debt allows for higher returns on invested capital.

This will work well until it doesn’t. When the next bump in the road comes along, poorly managed companies or those with competitive disadvantages may find themselves vulnerable to a massive butt-kicking.

This is another reason why stock picking, as opposed to blindly buying indexes, may come back into vogue. Stock pickers could very well shine over the next cycle as better returns may be had by differentiating among the best positioned companies.

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