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Markets Change, Human Nature Doesn’t2018-02-21ArticleEconomy & Markets
What the @#$! Just Happened?!2018-02-14ArticleEconomy & Markets
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Blockchain Is the Grownup in the Crypto Playroom2018-02-02ArticleEconomy & Markets
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Six Predictions for 20182018-01-06ArticleEconomy & Markets
The Yellow Brick-and-Mortar Road to Profits2017-12-14ArticleEconomy & Markets
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What Could Be Bigger Than a Super Bowl Commercial?2017-11-18ArticleEconomy & Markets
What’s Behind Our Upside-Down Bizarro World?2017-11-08ArticleEconomy & Markets
Brad Pitt or Emilio Estevez: Picking The True Hot Stocks2017-10-26ArticleEconomy & Markets
I Stuck With My System and It Paid Off Big Time2017-10-05ArticleEconomy & Markets
A Sneak Peek at How to Grab Triple-Digit Gains2017-09-20ArticleEconomy & Markets
Can Big Data Mean Big Profits?2017-09-14ArticleEconomy & Markets
The Not-So-Contrarian Path to a Quick 250% Gain2017-09-01ArticleEconomy & Markets
Why You Should Hang Up on the CEO Right Now2017-08-16ArticleEconomy & Markets
The Right Formula for a Multi-Bagger2017-07-19ArticleEconomy & Markets
Why You Need to Know About “Pro Forma” Versus GAAP Earnings2017-07-07ArticleEconomy & Markets
When Patience Turns to Profits2017-06-21ArticleEconomy & Markets
What You Need to Know About Fake News, Free Lunches, and Wall Street Earnings2017-06-08ArticleEconomy & Markets
When Ugly Stocks Make For Great Investments2017-06-02ArticleEconomy & Markets
Real Value That Pays You First – and Big2017-05-18ArticleEconomy & Markets
Could this be the Straw that Breaks the Market’s Back?2017-05-05ArticleEconomy & Markets
A Sugary Icon Brought Back From the Dead2017-04-19ArticleEconomy & Markets
Do You Own the Worst Stock in the Market?2017-04-10ArticleEconomy & Markets
If I Were To Start My Third Hedge Fund…2017-03-31ArticleEconomy & Markets
Who Knew Drop Protection Could Pay So Well?2017-03-15ArticleEconomy & Markets
A Four-Step Retirement Plan2017-03-03ArticleEconomy & Markets
How To Stake A Claim On the World’s Most Premier Real Estate2017-02-15ArticleEconomy & Markets
Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to be a Good Investor2017-01-19ArticleEconomy & Markets
Why Are CEOs Earning 335x More than Their Own Employees?2016-12-21ArticleEconomy & Markets
Tell Us How You Really Feel…2016-12-20ArticleEconomy & Markets
Put Down Your Phone, the Adults are Talking2016-12-08ArticleEconomy & Markets
"No-Brainer Investments"2016-11-14ArticleEconomy & Markets
Premium Healthcare Increases Spell Death for 20172016-11-07ArticleEconomy & Markets
You Need a Company That Pays You First2016-10-04ArticleEconomy & Markets
You’re Focusing on the Wrong Interest Rate2016-09-23ArticleEconomy & Markets
Why We Won 30% Short-Selling GIII Apparel2016-09-02ArticleEconomy & Markets
John Del Vecchio’s Stock Pick Trifecta2016-08-15ArticleEconomy & Markets
There’s a Dividend and There’s a Healthy Dividend2016-08-05ArticleEconomy & Markets
Surviving in a Post-Brexit World2016-06-27ArticleEconomy & Markets
Icahn And Soros Make The Short Of A Lifetime2016-06-15ArticleEconomy & Markets
Valeant Pharmaceuticals: A Case Study in Ruining Your Business2016-06-03ArticleEconomy & Markets
The SEC’s Cracking Down on All This Adjusted Earnings B.S.2016-05-26ArticleEconomy & Markets
Look Out! The Market’s Last Line of Defense Is Crumbling2016-05-19ArticleEconomy & Markets
A Yo-Yo Trick to Master Right Now2016-05-06ArticleEconomy & Markets
We’re in Uncharted Territory, With Unintended Consequences2016-04-14ArticleEconomy & Markets
The Debt Bubble Is Bursting. Could This Be Curtains for Stocks?2016-04-05ArticleEconomy & Markets
Merger Madness: They Don’t Make Growth Like They Used To2016-03-25ArticleEconomy & Markets
No Wonder the Stock Market’s So High: It’s All Corporate Buybacks2016-03-16ArticleEconomy & Markets
When It Comes to Retail, the Future Looks Ominous2016-03-04ArticleEconomy & Markets
A Hard Look at the Economy’s Health2016-02-24ArticleEconomy & Markets
4 Reasons You Should NOT Buy This Rally2016-02-17ArticleEconomy & Markets
The U.S. Dollar Will Rise in the Next Crisis2016-02-03ArticleEconomy & Markets
Knockout! Why Big Tech Companies Stand to Lose This Year2016-02-03ArticleEconomy & Markets
There’s Just Not That Much Reason to Be Positive About Earnings2016-01-28ArticleEconomy & Markets
Short Seller: “We Did the Unthinkable…”2016-01-25ArticleEconomy & Markets
"Worried About Earnings Season? Follow This Simple Checklist"2016-01-20ArticleEconomy & Markets
Don’t Expect Much This Earnings Season!2016-01-13ArticleEconomy & Markets
"Dead Broke: No Jobs, No Savings"2016-01-07ArticleEconomy & Markets
January 2016: Earnings Season Could Make or Break the Market!2015-12-31ArticleEconomy & Markets
Investors Are Playing Russian Roulette2015-12-04ArticleEconomy & Markets
Misery Loves Company: A Look at the Economic Misery Index2015-11-23ArticleEconomy & Markets
Watch Out for These Fun Little Acronyms and Buzzwords2015-11-19ArticleEconomy & Markets
A Rate Hike Does Not Bode Well for Stocks2015-11-12ArticleEconomy & Markets
2016: The Scene Is Set2015-11-05ArticleEconomy & Markets
Investors: Don’t Fall for an Earnings Trap2015-10-30ArticleEconomy & Markets
Short Sellers Smelled Blood… and Got Oprah2015-10-28ArticleEconomy & Markets
Déjà Vu? Wall Street’s Drawing a Correlation That Might Not Exist2015-10-22ArticleEconomy & Markets
It’s Gone Berserk! Stocks Have Climbed Too Far, Too Fast2015-10-15ArticleEconomy & Markets
Ben Bernanke Seems to Have Mixed Up “Saved” With “Ruined”2015-10-08ArticleEconomy & Markets
Don’t Worry: Bear Markets Are a GOOD Thing2015-10-01ArticleEconomy & Markets
The Stock Market’s Swirling in a Fed-Induced Crisis2015-09-25ArticleEconomy & Markets
Stock Market: This Is Not a Bottom2015-09-18ArticleEconomy & Markets
Buyers Beware: The Market’s in Bear Mode2015-09-04ArticleEconomy & Markets
Bear Markets: Here’s What You Need to Know!2015-08-26ArticleEconomy & Markets
Several Stocks Have Already Entered Their Own Bear Market2015-08-13ArticleEconomy & Markets
8 Questions Every Investor Must Ask to Beat the Norm2015-08-05ArticleEconomy & Markets
The Beat Down: Financial Manipulation and the Top 10 Stocks2015-07-31ArticleEconomy & Markets
We Might Already Be in a Bear Market2015-07-24ArticleEconomy & Markets
3 Reasons Why It Would Be Stupid to Raise Rates At This Point2015-07-17ArticleEconomy & Markets
The Market’s Decline: Sitting at the Riskiest End of the Spectrum2015-07-10ArticleEconomy & Markets
6 Tips to Help You Survive Earnings Season2015-07-03ArticleEconomy & Markets
S&P 500: Even the Bottom 5% Is Overpriced!2015-06-26ArticleEconomy & Markets
So Much for Sentiment! A Look at the Economic Surprise Index2015-06-17ArticleEconomy & Markets
Third Time’s The Charm for Investors? IPO Market Bubbling to New Highs2015-06-12ArticleEconomy & Markets
Clinton’s Competition: How Will the Markets React?2015-06-05ArticleEconomy & Markets
Consistency and Management: Two “Secrets” to Investing Success2015-05-27ArticleEconomy & Markets
The Truth Behind Many of Wall Street’s “Winners”2015-05-20ArticleEconomy & Markets
Stock Market Bullishness: Back To Where We Started2015-05-14ArticleEconomy & Markets
The Stock Market’s Decline: Has It Jumped The Shark?2015-05-07ArticleEconomy & Markets
The Stock Market Claims Another Victim…2015-04-30ArticleEconomy & Markets
The U.S. Dollar: Our Safe Haven Currency2015-04-23ArticleEconomy & Markets
What’s Next…Are Transport Stocks Headed for a Crash?2015-04-16ArticleEconomy & Markets
What Stock Losses Are You Willing to Accept?2015-04-09ArticleEconomy & Markets
The Stock Market & Gross Domestic Income: A Crucial Correlation2015-04-02ArticleEconomy & Markets
In an Economy Stretched to the Max, How Liquid Are Your Investments?2015-03-26ArticleEconomy & Markets
When Will We Learn? Fueling Economic Growth With Debt Doesn’t Work!2015-03-19ArticleEconomy & Markets
Eager Beavers: Investors Spawn a Vicious Cycle2015-03-12ArticleEconomy & Markets
Risk Management for Investors: Be on High Alert2015-03-05ArticleEconomy & Markets
Earnings Season: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly2015-02-26ArticleEconomy & Markets
Don’t Be Fooled! The Truth Behind Those Unemployment Figures2015-02-19ArticleEconomy & Markets
Tread Carefully With Your Money, We Are Almost There!2015-02-13ArticleEconomy & Markets
3 Gales Ripping Across the Market Will Hit U.S. Companies2015-02-05ArticleEconomy & Markets
A Bullish Crowd2015-01-29ArticleEconomy & Markets
Why The Allocation In Portfolios To The S&P 500 Is Sub-Optimal And What To Do About It2014-02-20ArticleSeeking Alpha
John Del Vecchio Positions For 2012: Finding Shorts Among Some Overpriced Consumer And Technology Names2012-01-04ArticleSeeking Alpha
Just One Stock: How Aggressive Accounting Led to Shorting Chinese Telecom-Linked Firm2011-02-23ArticleSeeking Alpha
The Emotional Mistake That Causes Most Amateur Investors to Fail, and How We Avoid It2017-10-23Podcast InterviewVident Financial
Why We Don’t Count on Regulators To Protect Clients From Misleading Financial Statements2017-10-19Podcast InterviewVident Financial
Corporate Earnings: Why We Don’t Take the Company’s Word For It2017-10-17Podcast InterviewVident Financial
Deep Dive into Forensic Accounting: Why Under Armour Was Shorted in FLAGLSX2017-02-23Podcast InterviewVident Financial
Market Make Believe: A Look Behind Reported Earnings2016-10-21ArticleVident Financial
The Forensic Accounting ETF: Looking For Where The Bodies Are Buried2015-11-03ArticleForbes
When It Comes To Investing, Trust But Verify: New Book Shows You How2017-07-12ArticleForbes
Your Financial Statement 'Lie' Detector2017-07-18ArticleForbes
The Advisers' Short List2003-02-04ArticleForbes
Health-Care Distributors: This Triple Play Equals a Home Run2013-10-18ArticleThe Motley Fool
Will Western Digital Fill the Void?2013-10-10ArticleThe Motley Fool
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3 Energy Stocks to Light a Fire Under Your Portfolio2013-07-01ArticleThe Motley Fool
Will Investors Rue the Loss of Rue21?2013-05-29ArticleThe Motley Fool
LinkedIn: Social Media Meets Reality2013-05-06ArticleThe Motley Fool
3 Highfliers Revisited: Where Are They Today?2013-04-24ArticleThe Motley Fool
Storm Clouds for Rackspace Hosting?2013-02-19ArticleThe Motley Fool
Will These Dow Stocks Become Extinct?2012-11-28ArticleThe Motley Fool
These Dow Stocks Will Materially Affect Your Returns2012-11-07ArticleThe Motley Fool
These Dow Stocks Are Flashing Red2012-11-01ArticleThe Motley Fool
Even These Dow Stocks Are Slowing Down2012-10-22ArticleThe Motley Fool
Are These Dow Stocks Foretelling Trouble Ahead?2012-09-27ArticleThe Motley Fool
The Economy May Spell Trouble for These Dow Stocks2012-09-06ArticleThe Motley Fool
The Fairy Tale Continues for These Dow Stocks2012-08-29ArticleThe Motley Fool
Are These Financial Stocks Worthy of Dow Status?2012-08-23ArticleThe Motley Fool
3 Restaurants That Can Satisfy Your Hunger for Growth2012-05-16ArticleThe Motley Fool
Will Deere's Earnings Predict Economic Recovery?2012-05-15ArticleThe Motley Fool
OPNET's Earnings May Present an Opportunity2012-05-13ArticleThe Motley Fool
Will Agilent's Earnings Be Nimble and Quick?2012-05-10ArticleThe Motley Fool
Will American Public Education's Earnings Go to the Head of the Class?2012-05-09ArticleThe Motley Fool
With Its Stock Price in the Stratosphere, Will Stratasys' Earnings Be As Lofty?2012-05-08ArticleThe Motley Fool
Could AOL's Earnings Mean "Away On Leave"?2012-05-08ArticleThe Motley Fool
Will This Consumer Goods Titan Whiff on Earnings?2012-05-03ArticleThe Motley Fool
Coeur D'Alene Mines Earnings Preview2012-05-03ArticleThe Motley Fool
An Apple-to-Apples Comparison of 3 Overachievers2012-04-16ArticleThe Motley Fool
Coca-Cola Adds Fizz to Its Earnings2012-04-16ArticleThe Motley Fool Will This Starship Eventually Come Back to Earth?2012-04-13ArticleThe Motley Fool
Mattel's Earnings Reflect a "Buy Now, Pay Later" Attitude2012-04-13ArticleThe Motley Fool
Is There a Light at the End of Rite Aid's Tunnel?2012-04-11ArticleThe Motley Fool
Will Google's Earnings Quality Hold Up?2012-04-11ArticleThe Motley Fool
Alcoa's Earnings Preview2012-04-10ArticleThe Motley Fool
Why Aeropostale Shows Signs of Caution2012-03-30ArticleThe Motley Fool
Foot Locker Could Be a Slam Dunk2012-03-29ArticleThe Motley Fool
American Eagle Outfitters Battles Increased Costs2012-03-29ArticleThe Motley Fool
Does ANN Have a Split Personality?2012-03-28ArticleThe Motley Fool
Is Saks a Rags-to-Riches Story?2012-03-26ArticleThe Motley Fool
What Has Been Fueling Fossil's Rally?2012-03-22ArticleThe Motley Fool
Is Chico's Really Making a Comeback?2012-03-21ArticleThe Motley Fool
Is Ascena Retail Group a Timely Investment?2012-03-19ArticleThe Motley Fool
Wal-Mart: Great Company, Bad Stock?2012-02-16ArticleThe Motley Fool
5 Generals for Your Portfolio? (5)2012-02-15ArticleThe Motley Fool
5 Generals for Your Portfolio? (4)2012-02-10ArticleThe Motley Fool
5 Generals for Your Portfolio? (3)2012-02-09ArticleThe Motley Fool
5 Generals for Your Portfolio? (2)2012-02-08ArticleThe Motley Fool
5 Generals for Your Portfolio? (1)2012-02-07ArticleThe Motley Fool
Bearish ETF Drinks Up Bad News2012-01-10ArticleWall Street Journal

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