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Rough Waters Ahead2013-11-28ArticleSeeking Alpha
Bucket Up2014-01-03ArticleSeeking Alpha
Bullish Sentiment Reaches Multi-Decade Highs2014-02-07ArticleSeeking Alpha
Negative Divergences Set the Stage For a Nasty Spill2014-03-25ArticleSeeking Alpha
Moment Stocks Crack. Are the Indexes Next?2014-05-13ArticleSeeking Alpha
Risk Soars as Bond Spreads Collapse2014-06-16ArticleSeeking Alpha
Close the Door on E2Open2014-07-21ArticleSeeking Alpha
Indicators are Cued Up for a Bear Market2014-08-22ArticleSeeking Alpha
United Natural Foods - Indigestion Ahead2014-08-24ArticleSeeking Alpha
10-20% Correction Due to Extreme Sentiment & Leverage2014-10-01ArticleSeeking Alpha
Short Term Sentiment Improves - Long Term Outlook Worsens2014-10-27ArticleSeeking Alpha
Auto Finance - Another SubPrime Bubble2014-11-05ArticleSeeking Alpha
Sentiment Returns to Overbought Territory2014-12-15ArticleSeeking Alpha
Market Indicators Hit Historic Highs2015-06-17ArticleSeeking Alpha
Caution Still Warranted Though Seintiment Improves2015-09-22ArticleSeeking Alpha
Bearish Sentiment Indicates Likelihood Fall Rally - Anticipate Bear Market Bounce2015-10-26ArticleSeeking Alpha
Maintain 35 Percent Short Position2015-12-03ArticleSeeking Alpha
Will the Dam Finally Burst in 20162015-12-22ArticleSeeking Alpha
Beware - Bulls Say This Time is Different2016-01-20ArticleSeeking Alpha
Expect Short Term Bounce - Bank Stocks Signal Trouble Long Term2016-02-01ArticleSeeking Alpha
Market Bounce Falls Flat - Overvaluation Limits Upside2016-03-11ArticleSeeking Alpha
Indicators Flashing Warning Signs2016-05-02ArticleSeeking Alpha
Overly Optimistic Indicator Signal Lower Markets Ahead2016-05-20ArticleSeeking Alpha
Market Remains Malaise2016-06-29ArticleSeeking Alpha
How to Play Market When Sentiment Overly Optimistic2016-08-23ArticleSeeking Alpha
Why Are Masters of the Universe So Spooked2016-10-07ArticleSeeking Alpha
Why is the Market Headed for Big Trouble? It's all about Interest Rates & Indicators2016-12-15ArticleSeeking Alpha
7 Charts to Watch in 20172017-01-31ArticleSeeking Alpha
Optimistice Sentiment at 30 Year High Signals Serious Market Setback2017-03-27ArticleSeeking Alpha
Why Are Corporate Insiders Selling Into The Trump Rally2017-05-04ArticleSeeking Alpha
Watch Out, Indicators Point To A Break In The Stock Market2017-08-03ArticleSeeking Alpha
Technical Indicators Flash Long Term Warning Signs2017-10-09ArticleSeeking Alpha
Beware: Current High Levels Of Market Exposure Indicate Excessive Exuberance2017-12-21ArticleSeeking Alpha
ETF Expert, John Davi Discusses Maximum ETF Returns2018-01-10ArticleSeeking Alpha
Illogical Optimism Historically Signals Stock Market Correction2018-02-10ArticleSeeking Alpha
Technical Picture Falling Apart, Defensive Posture Warranted in Stock Market2013-04-26ArticleForbes
Strategist Hit Unlucky 132013-05-06ArticleForbes
Margin Debt. Oh My!2013-05-08ArticleForbes
Semtiment Blow Out.2013-05-20ArticleForbes
Abnormally High Distribution2013-05-30ArticleForbes
Shot Across The Bow2013-06-04ArticleForbes
Where Is All The Cash?2013-06-18ArticleForbes
Despite This Weeks Bounce, Recent Distribution A Huge Red Flag2013-06-21ArticleForbes
Is A Short Seller After Your Stock?2013-06-26ArticleForbes
Respect Sentiment2013-06-27ArticleForbes
Stay Cautious On This Bounce2013-07-08ArticleForbes
Subsurface Deterioration Underlies Positive Year To Date Move2013-07-18ArticleForbes
Investors Are All In With Money Market Share At Record Low2013-07-29ArticleForbes
Where Have All The Low Priced Stocks Gone?2013-07-30ArticleForbes
Are Stocks Putting The Economy At Risk?2013-08-23ArticleForbes
Bank Bullishness Reaches Pre-Crisis Levels2013-09-19ArticleForbes
Are Magazine Covers The Kiss Of Death For Bull Run?2013-09-24ArticleForbes
Negative Divergences Warrant Caution2013-10-14ArticleForbes
Margin Debt 2.02013-10-25ArticleForbes
How Long Can The Bear Hybernate?2013-12-03ArticleForbes
Don't Think Stocks Are Cheap2014-01-06ArticleForbes
Two Troubling Metrics2014-01-14ArticleReal Money
Actively Managed Bear Market ETF Set To Launch2011-01-26ArticleBarrons
A Bearish Fund With A Twist2011-02-12ArticleBarrons
Actively Managed Bear ETF Up 5%; Shorting BBY, PRGS & XLI2011-08-08ArticleBarrons
Managers Earn Strong Returns Betting Against OPEN, GMCR, MDSO2011-10-20ArticleBarrons
Bloated Earnings Attract Bears2011-10-29ArticleBarrons
Active Bear ETF Up 6% So Far This Week; Adding To GMCR, ARUN, OPEN, MDSO2011-11-01ArticleBarrons
Next Sacrificial Lambs? HBI, GT, ZBRA Say Active Bear's Managers2012-01-13ArticleBarrons
IndexIQ Aims To Solve Bearish ETFs' Compounding Problem2012-08-23ArticleBarrons
T. Rowe Price: Disclosures Could Keep Active ETFs From Cloning Mutual Funds2013-01-09ArticleBarrons
Going Active2013-05-11ArticleBarrons
Look Who’s Shorting Deutsche Bank2016-09-20ArticleBarrons
Financial ETFs Flinch on Deutsche Bank Worries2016-09-29ArticleBarrons
Bear Market Funds Stage Comeback2017-08-14ArticleBarrons
So Long 2017—Next Stop, Euphoria2017-12-30ArticleBarrons
Bearish ETF Drinks Up Bad News2012-06-10ArticleWall Street Journal
After A Long Drought, Bear Market Funds Attract Buyers2017-08-12ArticleOne America News
Seven Charts To Watch In 20172017-01-30ArticleZero Hedge
Stocks Climb as Trump Inauguration Kicks Off2017-01-20ArticleFortune
Why are investors pulling out of US equities?2015-09-08Video InterviewWorld Finance
Die Angst vor dem Schwarzen Montag2017-10-19ArticleHandelsblatt Germany
Oil and Gas Are Poised for Better Days in 20172016-12-17ArticleUS New & World Report
Frykter kursfall - økt interesse for «bear»-fond2017-08-13ArticleHegnar - Sweden
Snap stock snaps back to IPO price2017-06-17ArticleThe Straits Times
Harley-Davidson is stalling, but don't look for discounts2018-05-29ArticleCBS News
Stock Market Borrowing at All Time High, Increasing Risk of Downdrafts2018-05-29ArticleNaked Capitalism
Trillions of reasons why a ‘huge storm’ may be looming for investors, in one chart2018-05-30ArticleMarket Watch
10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, DB)2018-05-29ArticleBusiness Insider

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